Miraculous: Answered Prayers of 2022

29th December 2022

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Show Notes

On the Ground with Samaritan’s Purse host Kristy Graham opens the episode by sharing some of the ways she prays. She encourages listeners to pray the words of Scripture when the circumstances of life are overwhelming or it is difficult to talk to God. Kristy shares that “There are so many Scriptures that you can pray and that talk about God’s greatness and sovereignty as creator and Lord.”

Kristy walks through the acronym “ACTS” and explains how she uses it in her personal prayer life. ACTS—adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication—provides a framework for conversation with God based in Scripture. She talks about the power of prayer, and the ways God uses our prayers to fulfill the promises He has given us in the Bible.

Then we hear from eight other people who share their own testimonies of answered prayers in 2022. These Samaritan’s Purse staff members, patients, and partners tell miraculous stories of God’s intervention in their lives and work.

Finally, Kristy closes the episode in prayer:

“Lord, we thank you, for these staff members that shared their hearts and shared the ways that you are answering prayer. I pray that we would recognise—that we would praise you—for the ways that you’re intervening and with our daily lives.

“And Lord, we pray for continued wisdom and protection over our teams serving all over the world. We pray for our teams in Ukraine. We pray for our teams in Ethiopia. We pray for Operation Heal Our Patriots, and many of the stories that we’ve heard today. You know all the ins and outs, the needs, and the prayers on each of our staff members’ hearts. So I pray that you would listen, you would incline your ear towards them….”

Please join Kristy in praying for the work happening around the world, and for those who haven’t yet heard the Gospel.

Scripture passages mentioned in this episode:

• Psalm 8:1-4

• Psalm 29:2, 10-11

• Isaiah 40:12-15, 28

• Psalm 139:23-24

• Psalm 9:1-2

• Psalm 113

• James 1:5

• Psalm 25:4-5

• Psalm 91:1-4

• Psalm 86

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