Laptops and Tablets for Children Learning At Home

The announcement of a third lockdown in early January meant that schools across the UK closed, leaving parents across the country suddenly needing to support children who are learning from home.

Along with the announcement was the acknowledgement that closing schools has a negative impact on the education of children and youth. This is experienced even more acutely in households which aren’t financially able to provide laptops or tablets – and for some this pressure is compounded by needing to provide for more than one child.

It’s estimated that 1.5 million children across the UK don’t have adequate access to a device at home to support them learning during this lockdown.

We have been given support from Love Your Neighbour through the Church Revitalisation Trust, to match every gift given to this project up to £65,000. Through this, we hope to support more children and families across the UK.

Even with schools returning, the ever growing need for electronic devices to support learning; the risk of school bubbles being kept at home due to positive tests; or even future school closures, means we want to ensure as many children who would be seriously disadvantaged by lockdown are instead supported to be able to be all they can.

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Find out more about the projects we are supporting below, you can click on each one to see more details of how they are caring for a country in need. Who knows; there may be one local to you?

“Thank you, Samaritan’s Purse, for being the hands and feet of Jesus to people in need.” – Rev Malcolm J. Duncan, Lead Pastor, Dundonald Elim Church.

Messages of thanks have flooded in — from school head teachers to local church leaders expressing the difference the devices are making to children in need.

‘The supply of six laptops and four devices for children who are home-schooling is nothing short of transformational. This partnership with Samaritan’s Purse makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of children and their families. It not only answers a crucial need now, and demonstrates faith in action, it also alleviates a huge pressure for families that otherwise would not be able to help their children with access to a device.

In addition, this simple act of love offers a brighter and better future to these children and their families. It’s life-changing. I am thrilled by the way the partnership has worked – both its efficiency and its effectiveness. I am also delighted that this partnership is accountable, with a clear audit trail for those who want to make sure that what they give goes directly to people in need. Without a doubt, this is the case with this project.

From Glasgow, with the help of his mum, lower primary school-aged pupil Stanley sent a video message of thanks: ‘I am very thankful for my new tablet. I’m able to do my homework.’ He held up his new device to the camera, while his mum explained that Stanley was doing maths, spelling and grammar exercises provided by the school.

Delighted Stanley (5) shows his new tablet on which he is doing spelling, grammar and maths work provided by his school.

Delighted Stanley (5) shows his new tablet on which he is doing spelling, grammar and maths work provided by his school.

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