Help save the Rohingya from the threat of Diphtheria


Diphtheria is spreading among the more than 650,000 Rohingya refugees crammed into Kutupalong camp; one of the largest refugee camps in the world. We opened a Diphtheria Treatment Centre in Kutupalong on the 31st of December. Scince then we have received more than 3,400 patients and treated more than 1000 diphtheria cases. With proper treatment, people gasping for breath upon admittance can be fully recovered in a day or two.

Our 70-bed centre was constructed in just a few weeks and is the only diphtheria centre for the southern half of the refugee camp. Most of our patients are children, who are prone to more serious cases of the disease.

The sight of little Mohammad clutching to his father’s arms, struggling to breathe properly is heart-breaking. He was one of the latest victims of the diphtheria outbreak in the overcrowded refugee camp in Bangladesh.This disease restricts the victims airway and can be fatal if not properly treated. Mohammad could have died too. He was close to respiratory failure. He could have been just another statistic who lost his life in a disaster situation.

But, the good news is that Mohammad recovered!

Today this little boy is alive and well because of the generosityf people like you who enable Samaritan’s Purse workers to save lives in refugee camps and other places where disaster strikes.

Mohammad’s father did not know where to look for help until someone told him about Samaritan’s Purse Diphtheria Treatment Centre inside the camp.

Desperate for help he brought Mohammad to our centre where we resuscitated him and treated him with diphtheria antitoxin and antibiotics. Within a day or two Mohammad was able to breathe properly.

More children like Mohammad will be admitted to our centre, gasping for breath, who with your help, we can treat to a full recovery.


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Many Rohingya are sick and injured and need medical attention.

  • Samaritan’s Purse have sent doctors and nurses to alleviate the stresses already overwhelming our partner, Memorial Christian Hospital.
  • We increased our medical efforts by expanding to a second, 24-bed ward in the hospital to help cope with those requiring lifesaving surgeries.
  • Our DC-8 aircraft delivered 20 tons of emergency medical supplies to meet the rapidly increasing need.
  • The 70-bed Diphtheria Treatment Centre we constructed in Kutupalong camp has received nearly 7,000 patients, with nearly 1,000 treated for diphtheria.


Please pray for the Rohingya during this time of crisis and suffering, that they will experience God’s love and His eternal hope found only in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.