Emergency Field Hospital airlifted to provide life-saving medical care to Haiti’s earthquake-devastated communities.

20th August 2021

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  • The 7.2 magnitude earthquake killed nearly 2,000; injured thousands more.
  • Two airlifts delivered shelter; water filtration; 36-bed hospital.
  • Teams are preparing to meet deluge of patients and vast needs for aid.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti’s southern peninsula on 14 August, reducing towns into rubble and leaving nearly 2,000 people dead. Countless others have been recovered with life-threatening injuries.

We airlifted an Emergency Field Hospital aboard our DC-8 along with doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to provide life-saving care to these desperate people. This mobile trauma unit is being constructed near Les Cayes along the southern peninsula.

In addition to treating the immediate needs of earthquake victims, our teams are also prepared for the growing threat of other illnesses as affected communities are at high risk for the spread of COVID-19 variants.


Our DART team unloads the Emergency Field Hospital from a U.S. Army helicopter landed in Les Cayes.

Disasters of this magnitude also expose Haitians to the threat of deadly cholera outbreaks, a disease endemic to the island nation that quickly infects communities as infrastructure and clean water supplies are compromised.

Our DC-8 aircraft flew out on 15 August, bringing more than a dozen disaster response specialists along with 31 tonnes of relief to hurting communities. This includes emergency shelter material, medical supplies, and water filtration units to provide clean water daily for thousands of people. A medical team will also deploy to provide basic care and begin health assessments.

UK Disaster Assistance Response Team Members Arrive

Walter Hope and Ali Herbert, a logistician and a nurse, have travelled from Northern Ireland and Gloucestershire to Haiti, arriving yesterday, to assist the team already on the ground.

They will each stay for three weeks to support our response.


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