Depending on God the Creator

12th October 2022

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Farmer Field Schools helping overcome hunger in Kenya.

Leafy, green cabbages—some the size of a child’s backpack—burst from the soil next to an elementary school in rural Kenya. It might be surprising to learn that the bulging, nutrient-rich vegetables aren’t grown by seasoned farmers. Rather, children like Joy* nurture them from seed to salad.

Like a growing number of her classmates, Joy dreams of becoming a farmer when she’s older. “I will plant kales, spinach, and cabbages because I have seen that it is profitable,” she shared. Students at a dozen Kenyan schools are benefiting from Farmer Clubs supported by partners like you. With enthusiasm, they are learning how to produce nutritious food to eat, share, and sell.

“When we made the first harvest, pupils took home vegetables comprising kales, spinach, black nightshade, and Copenhagen cabbages,” explained Edith, an agriculture teacher at Joy’s school. “When they sold the remaining vegetables, the pupils were excited to embrace agribusiness.”

Your gifts are nurturing a new generation of farmers in a country long-plagued by food insecurity. And as global food prices skyrocket, it is more important than ever that vulnerable families are empowered to raise animals and grow as much produce as possible, right at home.

“Let’s eat these vegetables and depend on God the Creator, for He cares.”
-Grace, Kenya

Women like Zeddy know this to be true. Every day, she must feed five hungry children in her household in Kenya’s countryside. “I used to buy vegetables from our neighbouring shopping center,” she said. “But now I feed my family with healthy, organic vegetable meals from my own garden.”

Through your support, our local partner provides agricultural expertise, seedlings, and tools — not only for schools and households to grow bountiful gardens but also for Kenyan churches.

“I advise young people to embrace healthy eating,” exclaimed Grace, an 80-year-old church member. “Let’s eat these vegetables and depend on God the Creator, for He cares.”

The growing hunger crisis is of grave concern. Thankfully, the Bible is ripe with examples of God’s provision when food is scarce. Together in Jesus’ Name, we can empower the hungry multitudes to grow nourishing, life-sustaining crops and point them to the “bread of life” (John 6:35).

*Name changed to protect privacy

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