Clean Water for School Children

14th October 2014

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Dirty water affects everything – education, health and poverty.

Equipping communities with access to clean water improves health and reduces the number of preventable deaths caused by waterborne illnesses. Such improvements have led to remarkable, unexpected changes in the heart of Uganda.

Before having access to clean water, most of Melissa’s pupils drank unsafe water that often made them ill.

As a result, many students were regularly absent and those who could attend had trouble feeling well enough to focus.

Samaritan’s Purse worked through local churches in surrounding communities to build and distribute 200 water filters to communities facing extreme water poverty.

These new water filters have now given the community access to clean water, improving their overall health, hygiene and sanitation. And most importantly, the local church has been given an opportunity to reach out to those in their community and as a result is seeing incredible spiritual impact.

One of these water filters was gifted to Melissa’s school so that now her students have clean, safe water to drink.

Student’s performance has improved in school, as well as their attendance. Whatsmore, with a clean water source at the local school even more families want their children to go to school.

Melissa is overjoyed in the difference this water filter has made, “The community that I serve is now healthy and productive!”

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