Bringing an End to Cholera in Niger

14th October 2014

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Located on the banks of the Niger River, most people use the polluted river as their only source of water for bathing, washing clothes and dishes, watering their animals, as well as drinking.


Samaritan’s Purse deployed hygiene promoters and educators into various villages and neighbourhoods in and around Ayorou. The hygiene promoters educated the public on the causes of cholera, what prevention measures should be taken, and what should be done if someone is to contract the disease. They clearly explained how proper hygiene and sanitation practices could actually save their lives.

Aishatou, a young mother of four, can now keep her family safe from diseases. Sharing about the impact she’s seen, Aishatou said, “Samaritan’s Purse has really changed my way of thinking. I now realise that I must also take care of the hygiene of my family.” Aishatou thanks God every day for allowing her family to escape the threat of cholera.

But the work didn’t stop there. Toilets were built throughout the community to give families a safe, clean and private place to relieve themselves. Families are no longer using the river banks as toilet areas and unknowingly spreading deadly diseases.

Mariama is the proud owner of a new latrine for her family, which includes eight children. Her family had already lost one member to cholera and many of her children had fallen ill. Since the construction of their new latrine, Mariama’s whole household has been healthy. More importantly, Mariama explained that now her family knows and understands what measures need to be taken to prevent and treat cholera.

In the village of Doulsou, villagers have taken the toilet and hygiene training to heart and now exclusively drink water that has been filtered through BioSand filters provided by Samaritan’s Purse. Doulsou is now completely cholera free.

In villages where people have little access to proper hygiene facilities, you can bring clean water and safe sanitation training to save lives.


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