A Shop of Her Own

As a proud business owner, Evaline is now able to provide for her family

Evaline proudly stands in front of her rickety stand, eagerly displaying her most prized possession – her business. Her smile is utterly contagious. You’d almost never know that just a few months ago she was a prisoner of depression and poverty.

When Evaline became involved in Raising Families, she was very ill and her marriage was struggling. Her husband’s drinking had grown increasingly worse, and had spiralled out of control. What small income they had was continually spent on his alcohol addiction and their family’s vital needs were ignored. Depression had become Evaline’s identity, a burden she thought she’d never overcome.

But then the seemingly impossible happened – Evaline became involved in Raising Families. She was trained how to use her assets and skills to create a sustainable livelihood. She started her small grocery stand right outside her home and continued to engage with her training group where she had a forum to share about the challenges she faced in a place where she was guaranteed assistance in her area of need. Evaline learned essential business skills that made her new endeavour successful.

Opening her grocery stand has brought a new sense of purpose to Evaline’s life. Her health has improved tremendously, she has made new friends and her heart is now full of joy. She is planning to expand her business by diversifying the produce that she sells and she also hopes and plans to move to a bigger house in the near future that better protects her family.