How These 10 Simple Shoebox Gift Items Impacted A Child’s Life

16th October 2019

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1. Cuddly Toy

“There was a terrible fire in our neighbourhood. The family who lived in this house where the fire took place lost all of their things. There are five children in this family and after the fire they had no toys, no pencils, no markers and so on.  So it was a great joy for them to receive such kind Christmas presents after the fire. The youngest Ly liked most of all the red teddy bear.” – Shoebox story from Estonia

Bear, moose, hippo and toucan soft toys


2. Hat, Gloves, and a Scarf

“After attending an outreach event, a young girl wrote to our ministry partner, ‘The boxes were good. I loved them because in some of them were things to wear in winter like gloves, scarves and hats.” – Shoebox story from eSwatini

Hat, gloves and scarves


3. Calculator

“A calculator is an essential item for schoolchildren to be able to take their national exams, but Moses had no capacity to get one. He was so overjoyed at the gift and wondered how God had answered his prayers. Our local partner said “He now has hope that if God can answer his prayer, He can do even bigger things in his life.” – Shoebox story from Uganda



4. Doll

“The family of an eight-year-old girl was expecting a new baby when the little girl was invited by a local church to come to an event, and given an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. When she opened the shoebox, she found a baby doll in it! She was overjoyed and exclaimed, ‘Now I will also have a baby, like mummy! I will take care of my baby, just like my mummy!’ A big change happened in the girl’s heart when she found this doll in her box – she knows God’s love, and is now happily awaiting her new brother or sister.” – Shoebox story from Lithuania



5. Football and Pump

“Our team took shoebox gifts to a very poor family in the area. One of the boys in the family said ‘I really want a football!’ – when he opened the gift we gave him, there was a football inside!” – Shoebox story from Albania

football and pump


6. Sunglasses

“Five children, whose mother was seven months pregnant, were invited by a neighbour to an outreach event. Our ministry partner accompanied them back to their dilapidated home, and watched as the jubilant children showed their mother every item from their five gift boxes. Bethia, 11, had them all in fits of laughter as she modelled her new sunglasses, not realising she was wearing them upside down. All of them were so excited and happy with their gifts.” – Shoebox story from Malawi



7. Hygiene Items

“I am 35 but I still remember that shoebox well: there was a toothbrush, soap, a towel – I never saw such nice things before! They gave me a comb! It was purple. I still keep it as a memory.” – Shoebox story from Ukraine

Hygiene Items


8. Wind-Up Torches

 “I grew up in a children’s home, and got the chance to receive a shoebox when I was 12 years old. I was very, very happy to receive all those gifts. My favourite gift was a flashlight, because I was then able to see around the place at night because the electricity goes off all the time.” – Shoebox story from Uganda



9. Skipping Rope

“At an outreach event in Namibia, one little girl was delighted with the new skipping rope she received in her shoebox gift. With a huge smile she began to skip, giggling gleefully with every jump.” – Shoebox Story from Namibia

skipping rope


10. Harmonica

“At a distribution in Angola, 210 children were full of excitement and joy to receive shoebox gifts. After the party we could hear harmonicas being played throughout the neighbourhood, and as I left children waved their dolls and footballs at me in thanks.” – Shoebox Story from Angola


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