Local churches, Samaritan’s Purse and you lifting families from poverty

Bringing New Hope to Impoverished Families 

Raising Families compressedAll around Africa and Central Asia, Raising Families is giving vulnerable children and families a future. By envisioning, training and enabling God’s people to use their strengths and skills, families are learning how to create a living that lifts them out of poverty. We are tackling the issue of livelihoods by arming families with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to make sustainable change in their lives. As agents of transformation, families learn they are capable of ending their poverty and entire communities are being renewed. Raising healthy, loving families is the most effective way to fight poverty and create strong, stable communities.

Lift  a family from poverty today – Give £10 a month

Changing the Future

Meet Gentille compressed We enable mothers like Gentille to see beyond her handicap by helping her creatively make a living that provides for her family.We provided shelter and food for Monica and her children by teaching her to use her skills as a seamstress to generate meaningful income.We fed a poverty-stricken village in Swaziland by enabling their local church to collectively dig a fish pool that providing a sustainable food source for the needy.

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Not just a Statistic

Uganda compressed1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty on less than 80p a day.
Meet Hannah ▶ Hannah didn’t let living on 67p a day stop her from lifting herself out of poverty.

870 million people go hungry every day.
Meet Ekuthuleni ▶ Ekuthuleni, a church in Swaziland, collectively used its assets and resources to ensure an entire community never goes hungry again

22,000 children die each day due to poverty.
Meet Christine ▶ Christine discovered she could remove the death sentence placed on her children by harvesting vegetables in her own backyard

1 billion people entered the 21st century unable to read or write.
Meet Esther ▶ Esther is now able to pursue education after her grandmother received agricultural training that provides food and income for their family .

A Future for Families Around the World

Mrs Dlamini 2Making a living can take a family into a place of hope and life.  Raising Families provides a platform which transforms families, allowing them to grasp their dream for a better future. Entire families are being transformed and the shackles of cyclical poverty are broken. Samaritan’s Purse actively works in Africa and Central Asia to give vulnerable children and families a future.

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Bring the Future to Life

You can train and eFundraising compressedquip God’s people to use their assets and strengths to lift themselves out of poverty.  A monthly donation of £10 will arm a family with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to make a sustainable change.  With a livelihood a family’s needs are holistically met, and entire communities can experience transformation. Your community can enable this restoration by hosting a Harvest celebration or a My Promise Event.


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Raising Families enables families to walk away from a life consumed by poverty by creating livelihoods. A livelihood ensures that a family’s needs are met holistically, working to provide better shelter, more food, improved healthcare and regular education.