Harvest & 'My Promise' Event Resources

Give poor families a chance to turn their lives around by holding a Raising Families Harvest Celebration Sunday and/or 'My Promise' Event. Our 'My Promise' Event resources are part of our Harvest Resource Pack. They are also available in a format that can be used all year round.

Four steps to a Raising Families Harvest celebration service

1. ORDER or DOWNLOAD a FREE copy of our Raising Families Harvest Resource Pack with lots of helpful ideas for planning your service.

2. Show the powerful Raising Families DVD (below) during a Sunday service and encourage church members to support a struggling family by making a monthly donation of £10 or more.

3. Hold a ‘My Promise’ (auction of promises) Event using the guidelines and templates provided. Use the gifts and talents within your Church and local community to mirror the activities of churches and communities overseas, to help lift families out of poverty. Click here to read more information about a 'My Promise' event.

4. Take a special offering for Raising Families during your Harvest thanksgiving service. Or, you can decide to make Raising Families one of the initiatives supported by your church’s mission and give by Direct Debit.


To watch and download more of our Raising Families films click here.


  • - Sermon Notes and Insights
  • - Bible Readings
  • - Worship Songs
  • - Prayers
  • - All age Harvest Activity
  • - Raising Families DVD
  • - 'My Promise' Event
  • - Other Raising Families Resources 
  • - Case Studies

Our Harvest Pack and 'My Promise' Event Resource Packs are unique and “mirror” the activities of local churches and communities overseas

Across Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Central Asia, local churches are doing something extraordinary ... out of their poverty, they are pooling their meagre resources to help each other make a living. What’s more, they are showing God’s love in practical ways to local families in desperate need.

This Harvest we are inviting your church to do the same by holding a 'My Promise' Event. We are giving you a new way to show your gratefulness for God’s abundant provision, to demonstrate true fellowship, by ‘mirroring’ the activities of these communities and by sharing some of His abundance to help struggling families overseas.

This is a Biblical principle that characterised the early church. In response to Peter’s teaching, we read in Acts 4:32 (NIV):

'All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.' 

To hold a 'My Promise' Event at any time of year (not just at Harvest) please see our 'My Promise' Event Pack.


Hold a 'My Promise' Event

A ‘My Promise’ (Auction of Promises) Event will help to transform the lives of families overseas, through the promises your church and local community make.

Individuals taking part will be asked to make a promise, and to complete a 'My Promise' card. Practical activities, such as babysitting, shopping or providing lifts, or gifts such as the use of a holiday home will then be put up for auction; an Auction of Promises. Everyone can play a part, even those simply promising to support a family in need for just £10 a month.

All your church has to do is get involved! We will provide plenty of ideas of ‘promises’ your church family and local community can make, how to auction them, and guidelines for running a successful 'My Promise' event.

All the money you raise through your 'My Promise' event, or through Sunday offerings, will be turned into practical support for families of all shapes and sizes who desperately need help to work their way out of poverty. Harvest Sunday is often the last Sunday in September but you can hold a Harvest celebration service or a 'My Promise' event on another Sunday.



Meeting critical needs of victims of war, poverty, famine, disease and natural disaster while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.



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